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Lollapalooza 2013: Josh's Day 2 Preview

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So, when I found out Thursday that Azealia Banks had to cancel due to a throat infection, I was pretty disappointed. I was really looking forward to her set out of all the others taking place after dark. Instead I'll have to pour all of that hip-hop antcipation into Kendrick Lamar's performance. I saw him when he came to Mizzou, my university, and while the set was a bit short, it still packed a punch. He even said as he was walking off that he enjoyed himself so much, that he would definitely come back again. However, I recently learned from a friend who goes to Georgia that he said the same thing over there. So, while my respect may have waned a bit, my thirst for entertainment has not. I will most likely be at his set tonight.

The only other act I'm stoked for is Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I just love their psychedelic sound that spans the Pacific Ocean. This lo-fi affair is perfect for a late afternoon jam, and I am oh so ready to feel their grooves live and in person. It should be pretty great.

Other than that, I'm not really sure what I'll be up to tomorrow. Maybe I'll find a new favorite band or maybe I'll encounter my one true love. Stay tuned.