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Arctic Monkeys- Summerfest, Miller Lite Oasis

Wed, 06/25/2014 -
10:00pm to 11:45pm
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The band’s initials, a new morning, an analogue radio frequency and an existential statement - the title of Arctic Monkeys’ fifth album AM suggests all of those things and more. Recorded in a small East Hollywood studio with long term collaborator James Ford riding the faders, the third album Arctic Monkeys have made in their adopted home of LA takes the best elements of its two predecessors and gives them an entirely fresh twist. In terms of AM’s overall sound, it would be stretching a point a little to call it Arctic Monkeys’ G-Funk album. One of the main themes of AM seems to be going back to things that have fallen into disuse and finding how fresh they can be, whether that be an antique tape-recorder, or the vintage John Cooper-Clarke poem they turn into a lights-down school disco slow jam. Those who’ve seen Arctic Monkeys play live over the past year have already seen and heard the benefits of this newly open-minded approach.

Arctic Monkeys