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Bay View Jazz Festival on Friday, June 6

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  • Bay View Jazz Festival on Friday, June 7th

The annual Bay View Jazz Festival will be held on Friday, June 6. The series of concerts is in conjunction with Bay View Gallery Night, an evening celebrating Milwaukee artists. Jazz Fest will be a free event looking to showcase local jazz groups to the public. The bands will be playing at venues across several Bay View establishments between the hours of 5pm and 9pm. The night will give Milwaukee residents an opportunity to experience the best of today’s new live jazz and to see the local talent that exists within the city.

The following will be the concert schedules and their respective venues:

Tonic Tavern

  • 5:00-­5:30pm, Batterman Ensemble (WCM)
  • 6:00­-6:45pm, Mark Davis Quartet
  • 7:15­-8:00pm, Eric Jacobson featuring CNJ Latin Jazz 
  • 8:30­-9:15pm, Kevin Hayden Band

The Highbury Pub

  • 5:30­-6:00pm, Bronzeville Jazz Quintet (MYSO)
  • 6:30­-7:15pm, Deirdre Fellner/Sam Steffke Duo 
  • 7:45­-8:30pm, Spirits Quartet
  • 9:00­-9:45pm, Jacobi & the Pillow Snatchers

Studio Lounge

  • 5:15­-6:00pm, Opus
  • 6:30­-7:15pm, Carlos Adames Group
  • 7:45­-8:30pm, The Hush Ensemble 
  • 9:00­-9:45pm, Devin Drobka's Bell Dance Songs

Club Garibaldi

  • 10:00pm-­1:00am, De La Buena

For more details, please visit the event's site. See everyone there!