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Lebowski Fest Continues Tonight! A wrap of last night's activities, and a preview of bowling tonight.

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“Anybody got a joint for sale!!?” yelled a shirtless and visibly intoxicated man in front of me during the screening of The Big Lebowski at Cathedral Square Park last night. “Anyone got a joint!?”

As the movie progressed and the crowd settled, the crowd’s interjections became a little more topical. White Russian soaked voices shouted, “Obviously, you’re not a golfer.” and poor Donny was welcomed to a chorus of “Shut the f*** up, Donny!” Some Archiver’s even loudly recited nearly every line of dialogue, to the dismay of those around them.  But mostly, the crowd was on point. Laughing with a crowd can be contagious, and the jovial atmosphere made me smirk at lines that I never noticed, and made me really lose it at my favorites.

Movie aside, Dudeicon, the Pabst Theater, and other organizers of Lebowski fest did a fantastic job in creating an atmosphere that The Dude would not leave to go bowling. Among the best was the merchandise. Artist Bill Green designed a really stunning poster specifically for this fest, and I saw them going fast. I scooped up the iconic Japanese baseball t-shirt that The Dude wears in the film. White Russians were available for 6 bucks. It was worth it just to say “Another caucasian, Gary.”

Tonight the festivities continue at AMF Lanes 7505 West Oklahoma Ave for white Russians, trivia, costumes, copious quotings of  “OVER THE LINE’, and, of course, bowling.  Starts at 8. Admission is $25.  

As for our friend asking for a joint, I like to think that if The Dude was there, he would abide to this mans request, or tell him, “f*** it. Let’s go bowling.”