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Lebowski Fest rolls: On Shabbos, of all days.

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Lebowski Fest continuted to roll last night at AMF Lanes. I have to say that night two topped night one. At the screening of The Big Lebwoski everyone turned up. Sure, there were die hard fans, but the whole thing was a little more laid back. The free event in the heart of downtown provided a space for fans, but also proved to be just a spot for Milwaukee's late-nighter's to meet up. Bowling last night was for the die hards. Before patrons even entered the venue, they were met by The Dude's 1973 Ford Grand Torino.


Inside, it was like stepping right into the movie. Dozens of the most convincing Dudes and Walters that you could imagine, sprinkled in with imaginative costumes from the most obscure one-liners in the film. I grabbed myself a caucasian and started to cozy up to the lanes. I hopped on a lane with my favorite character combo there: Moses and Sandy Koufax.

"3,000 years of beatuiful tradition from Moses to Sandy Koufax, YOU'RE GOD DAMN RIGHT I'M LIVING IN THE F***ING PAST" -Walter

After a trivia, a heated costume contest took place. There were white Russians, characters in the Creedence song Lookin' Out My Backdoor, Mauded, and plenty of Jesus', Walters, and Dudes. 

My favorite line of the night. "Sorry guys, Moses is a smoker. Gotta go outside and burn the bush."-Moses

Here is me with Walter. 

Of course, The Dude. 

The whole thing really pulled Lebowski fest together.