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The List l 4 on the 4th. Things 88Nine is doing on Independence Day.

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HAPPY 237th BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!! Yes, it has been 237 years since we declared our independence from King George III and his tea drinking chums across the pond. The declaration was not just the end of British rule, it was the beginning of our national identity.   The 4th is the day that we celebrate our national identity by shooting fire into the air, eating meat, parading through the middle of the street, and celebrate the freedom that we have. Everyone knows that there is no better way to declare your independence than being with a large group of people, so let’s get together, drink some beers, and toast to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Here is the list of 4 things that 88Nine will be doing this 4th.

4. Meat+Fire

The great American BBQ is just one of the great traditions that we celebrate on the 4th. It doesn’t get nice enough to make food outside that often in Wisconsin, so when we have the opportunity we take it. Slather up some meat, butter up that corn, and get your butts ready for those beans. As Hank Hill would say, “taste the meat, not the heat.”

3. Drink American Beer

When you are cooking up those dogs, grab an American brew, or more preferably, a Milwaukee brew. Beer made Milwaukee famous, and I think that is call for a drink in itself. On the 4th, a Bay View favorite of all of ours, Frank’s Power Plant is holding a retro beer celebration. Get your pints and cans of Old Milwaukee, Blatz, and Old Style for patriotic prices.

2. Watch Fireworks

Nothing really compares to watching stuff blow up. So every year, in just about every part of the city, we launch our fireworks in the air and ooo and ahhhh to the most simple of pleasures. Check the link here for a map of firework displays in this city that are so beautiful they would make a bald eagle cry.

1. Go to a parade

The parade is a personal favorite of mine. The tradition brings out the aspects of our national identity that we are most proud of, and that is each other. Out of many, we are one. The parade celebrates the many. Politicians, high school dance teams, glee clubs, guys with cool cars, marching bands, and kids who decorate their bikes all feel like celebrities as they walk down the street to a congress of their friends and neighbors, who are there to enjoy and celebrate these people that we share this country with.

The Facebook consensus as of right now (subject to change) is that Wauwatosa has the most bangin' 4th of July parade in all of the state. So check that out!

Salutes to you all.