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Milwaukee Record Store Day Directory

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This Saturday is Record Store Day!!! We want you to get out there and support some brick and mortar record stores in Milwaukee that help keep the music culture in our city alive. Here is a list of all of the record stores that we encourage you to visit this Saturday. We also encourage you visit them all of the time, not just on Record Store Day. This guide will give you an idea of the personality of each record store. For more on Record Store Day releases make sure to check out our 5 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening to (in preparation for Record Store Day).

The Exclusive Company

                Locations: 5026 S. 74th St. in Greenfield                              Open at: 7AM

                                    1669 N. Farwell Ave. in Milwaukee

                                      144 N. Main St. in West Bend                     

                Type of Record Store: The Exclusive Company is the largest independent music store chain in Wisconsin. They are not a national chain, nor are they a single independent store. This makes them perfect for record store day. They have the capitol that it takes to front the massive cost of all the special Record Store Day releases. They are using those powers for good. Exclusive company will have every release that they can get, and multiple copies of them. Not only that, they are having performances by Willy Porter, All Tiny Creatures, Tigernite, Mark Waldoch, Paper Holland, and tons of other performances from your favorite Milwaukee bands. On top of that, they are having sales on used records, DVDs, knick-knacs, and everything else that they have. It’s really the place you want to go on Record Store Day.

Rush Mor Records

                Location: 2635 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bay View                  Open at: 8AM

                Type of Record Store: Rush Mor is Milwaukee’s oldest independent record store. The place has character, and characters. A conversation with owner Dan DuChaine is worth a visit itself. The “mayor of Bay View” will greet you by first name, chat you up about music, and just be a genuinely good dude. Rush Mor has strong ties to Milwaukee’s punk and hardcore scene and their selection reflects it. However, if you’re looking for anything in particular, the guys are always quick to order it for you, and it’s worth asking.

For Record Store Day, Rush Mor will have Dan Kubinski and Keith Brammer from Milwaukee Punk band, Die Kreuzen in the store signing autographs and hanging out. Die Kreuzen’s 1982 EP “Cows and Beer,” is being re-issued and available on Saturday alongside many other special Record Store Day releases. They open at 8 AM and will stay open as long as people want to keep buying records. 

Acme Records & Music Emporium

                Location:  2341 S. Kinnikinnc Ave. in Bay View                  Open at: Noon

                Type of Record Store:  Acme is run by Shopkeeper Ken, who is a long time host on 91.7 WMSE. His collection is carefully crafted and reflects his eclectic taste as a DJ. It may not have all of the newest latest. It may not have what is on your list. But every time you go in, you’re going to find half a dozen albums that you didn’t know you needed. You might not know that they existed before you came in, but they are too cool to let go.

Ken wants record store say to be rewarding for his regulars, and discourages the record flipping that happens frequently on Record Store Day. When asked about Record Store Day, Ken said, “I’m opening at noon, when I usually do. I’ll get a couple of the Record Store Day releases that looked good. If you want them, they will be on the shelf, where they normally would. If you’ve been here before, you know where it is.” For Record Store Day, they are having a special performance by Milton, (the guy who works there on Thursdays) who will be performing a piece by John Cage that involves playing 42 albums at the same time. It should be pretty weird.

Bullseye Records

                Location: 1627 E. Irving Place (off Farwell) on the East Side     Open at: 11AM

                Type of Record Store: Bullseye is great for a crate hunt. It’s small. It’s independent. It’s got a lot of Milwaukee history in this shop. They have backlists of old Milwaukee zines that have gone out, and a pretty killer Jazz collection. For Record Store Day they will open up the sidewalk in tandem with Comet café for some true crate digging.

Off the Beaten Path

                Location: 1936-38 N. Farwell Ave. on the East Side       Open at: 9AM

                Type of Record Store: Off the Beaten Path is just what it says it is. Part record store, part glass shop, part ephemera, and part hang out. Off the Beaten Path also sells audio equipment, which is a huge service to anyone who is looking to crack into this whole record collecting thing, or anyone who just needs a new system. For Record Store Day, they will have crates out on the street that are marked down just for the day. Pair this with Bullseye across the street and your afternoon is set.

Musical Memories

                Location: 833 E. Kilbourn St. close to the Art Museum     Open at: 10AM

                Type of Record Store: Musical Memories seems like a collection that got so out of hand that the guy had to open a store to legitimize having so many records. It also seems like he doesn’t want to get rid of anything. Albums are priced far too high, and you can’t finger through the bins because there are stacks and stacks of records on top of every available surface.  It may seem like I am speaking ill of Musical Memories, but I assure you, this might be my favorite place in Milwaukee. If you want something you have to earn it. It’s worth the hunt.  They have an entire wall of 45’s from the golden era of singles. They have Edison cylinders. WAX EDISON CYLINDERS. They have a box of 45’s of Milwaukee artists that charted in the mid 1950s. For Record Store Day they will be doing nothing special.