88Nine Radio Milwaukee

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88Nine RadioMilwaukee's 2012 Fall Fund Drive kicks off on Friday, October 12, and we got a lot of goodies to thank you with your generous support.  Remember any amount you give to listener-supported 88Nine means alot.  You can donate online or call 414-934-GIVE.

At the $88.90 level, you will get our new compilation Studio Milwaukee Vol 2.  You can listen to little snippets of the tracks below.



At the $120 level not only you get the Studio Milwaukee CD,  you can grab our new listener-design t-shirt (long sleeve) and hoodie. Check out the pictures below. The t-shirt was designed my JIMBOT.

If you donate $200, you will get the CD, the T-Shirt, and our limited edition Koss Headphones (pictured below).  You can also break up your donation into monthly payments.

If you donate $12/month or $240, you get the CD, the t-shirt, the headphones, and our new zipper hoodie (pictured below).

Help keep RadioMilwaukee on air, online and in the community with your tax-deductible membership contribution today!

RadioMilwaukee’s fall 2012 pre-drive runs September 24th through October 11th.

*No donation necessary to be entered into the contest.  Just fill out this alternate entry.