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Halloween Samples

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This past week on The Seven O'Clock Sample, we have explored spooky samples.  Let's go back a look at these great scary sounds.

Last week we heard the spooky sounds of Goblin, and looked at how they were sampled by Justice on the song Phantom.  We also heard a great RJD2 song, "The Horror' which used a not-so scary Gershon Kingsley sample.

Of course Thriller was in the mix.  On Friday of last week, we listened to a fantastic track by the Prodigy, called "The Way It Is"



Gnarles Barkley was in the mix with their song "Boogie Monster", which in true Danger Mouse style, uses a spaghetti western title theme.






On Monday, we found The Special's "Ghost Town", was sampled by the Gorillaz on "Slow Country"






Today, we looked at one of my personal favorites, The K.M.C. Kru's "The Devil Came Up To Michigan".  This track samples, and re-creates the Charlie Daniel's classic "The Devil Went Down To Georgia."