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WOLFE program for American Indian Elders

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  • <p>The second part of this week&#39;s Community Stories about the Gerald J. Ignace Indian Health Center on Mitchell Street on Milwaukee&#39;s South Side. To listen to Part 1 of the story, click <a href="http://www.radiomilwaukee.org/healthy-living/gerald-l-ignace-indian-health-center">here</a>. Info about the Health Center found online at <a href="http://www.gliihc.net/Pages/default.aspx">GLIIHC.net</a>.</p>

Located in the heart of Milwaukee's Near South Side, the Gerald L. Ignace Indian Heath Center holds a special program every Wednesday for Elders in the community. Listen to the story about the W.O.L.F.E. program above. Check out Part 1 of the story on our Community Stories Blog, or by clicking here.