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Final Thoughts From Adam Carr

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My two and a half years at RadioMilwaukee have been a whirlwind of interviews, glimpses inside beautiful community work, and the joys of storytelling. Every single day has been a blessing -- I've loved the chance to explore Milwaukee without reservation. And you know what's been even better? After every fascinating conversation or discovery, I've been able to turn right back around and share with the city I love.

Having grown up in Milwaukee, the opportunity to delve headlong into the breadth and depth of Milwaukee has been unbelievably special -- I've felt like a son getting to know his parents as friends.

As things go, my time with RadioMilwaukee is over. Leaving has been a very emotional and difficult experience, but I'm excited about what's coming next. RadioMilwaukee will continue to grow and flourish. For my foreseeable future, I'm a leaf blowing in the wind, but after a bit of decompression, I'm sure I'll be more eager than ever to immerse myself in the rigor, freedom, and exuberance of narrative and storytelling.

I want to thank you, our listeners and stakeholders, for being part of RadioMilwaukee. I've learned and grown so much from the overwhelming generosity and depth of our community. To be a small part of Milwaukee's buoyancy and excitement -- no words could ever capture how grateful I am. Again, thank you.

And while I could wax on forever, I want to share one last thought. Oftentimes, when I'd be listening during an interview or sitting at the editing desk or thinking about how to construct an audio piece, a funny thought would occur -- every one of these stories and people would exist if I was around to record them or not. While at RadioMilwaukee, I was fortunate to be part of a platform, but it was always about telling stories. It was Milwaukee. This line of thinking had a way of humbling me, but I could never quite decipher the lesson. Yesterday, while running through my time at RadioMilwaukee, I think I finally found the meaning -- as the best conclusions always are, it's pretty direct.

The world is bigger and smaller and more beautiful than I could ever imagine. There are more stories than could ever be told, more faith and hope than could ever be celebrated. The complexity of our world is at its root, quite simple.

Knowing this, I am overwhelmed with optimism.

And the story's only just beginning, right?

-Adam Carr