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The House that Harley Built/Make a Difference Week 6

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The Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the Harley-Davidson Foundation and Habitat for Humanity have teamed up to really make a difference in the lives of  Milwaukee-area homeowners. 

Through "sweat equity", employees of Harley-Davidson volunteer their time with Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers to build homes in neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee.  I went to a location at 39th and Vliet, right in the "back yard" of the Harley- Davidson HQ, and talked with Brook G. Smith, Manager of Community Affairs for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company as well as MaryAnne Martiny, the manager of the Harley-Davidson Foundation, and Shirl Gordon (Harley-Davidson's Human Resources Coordinator). Harley-Davidson employee/volunteers were happy to tell me about how they feel they make a difference, as did the proud owner of a bouncing baby Habitat for Humanity home: Teri.