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"Make a Difference": 2010 Election | Putting a Face with the Money

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Photo: Pastor Wheeler of Cross Lutheran Church and the Bread of Healing Clinic

Anita Johnson is looking for stories. As an organizer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin, a coalition dedicated to social justice issues, she has been seeking out first hand accounts of people in Milwaukee who are being helped by the federal stimulus package.

It can be difficult to understand the impact of such an enormous federal program, but Anita is helping to show its impact by interviewing and videotaping beneficiaries in the community such as MPS and the Bread of Healing health clinic.

Listen as Anita talks about getting started with the process, talking with real people who are getting help and what it all means.

Check out the audio piece, and the Bread of Healing video below. See the Citizen Action of Wisconsin website for all of their videos and more.