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Tom Brandstetter: The Guru of Green, the Sensei of Sustainability/Make a Difference Week 5

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Tom Brandstetter is on a mission from God. Seriously. He is. This man decided to energize the Unitarian Church, literally, by installing solar panels. A founding member of Transition Milwaukee, Tom is not only a pharmacist, but also a sustainability sensei, a guru of green, a true environmental activist who not only talks the talk but walks, bikes, and rides his ELECTRIC Harley Davidson to reduce HIS carbon footprint.

I met with Tom at the Unitarian Church, located on the corner of Astor and Ogden. The church itself is an historic landmark, and houses (on its roof) a series of solar panels. Tom gave me a tour of the church, the roof, and showed off his electric bike (powered by lithium batteries). What I really wanted to see was the electric Harley (the only one in Wisconsin).

Scroll down to hear his super-solar-sustainable story.