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"Make Milwaukee": Milwaukee Ballet | Behind The Dance

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(Photo by Brian Jacobson)
Listen: A few weeks ago, along with Brian Jacobson of Third Coast Digest, I spent the afternoon at the Milwaukee Ballet's beautiful Cream City brick facility in Walker's Point. While Brian took some backstage photographs of the dancers while they rehearsed, my assignment was... well... to do what I always do -- I sat down and chatted with any dancer willing to talk. In the end, I culled about six minutes from an hour of conversation for an audio-visual slideshow published on Third Coast Digest's site.
However, having collected all that wonderful material from those dynamic folks, I needed to share something with the 88Nine audience as well. So, below you can hear 6 short vignettes, featuring the personalities of the wonderful, eccentric, and friendly Milwaukee Ballet:
(Photo by Brian Jacobson)

-Kristin Herlache could not have been more ready to share her personality with me. Listen as she relays how people react when she tells them she's a ballet dancer and the time they thought she said "belly dancer." [audio=1] -Ballet dancers are a vision of composure and form when they're on stage -- but what's going on in their head? Susan Gartell and Courtney Kramer give us their answers: [audio=2]

(Photo by Brian Jacobson)
 -When I want to grow up, I want to be... After "the President," the most common answer to that question may be "ballerina." In this piece, we hear when young ballet dancers knew they were going to devote their lives to it (answers include "getting away from a dairy farm" and "the sweet outfits."): [audio=3] -What do ballerina's eat? Take a second, consult those stereotypes, and develop some expectations. Alright. Now, let Courtney and Kristin set you straight: [audio=4]
(Photo by Brian Jacobson)
 -How many times has somebody told you a horror story about visiting Milwaukee in the winter time? On his first visit to Milwaukee, Marc Petrocci seemed to have had the heavens smiling on him: [audio=5] -What're ballet dancers like? I found them incredibly charming: [audio=6]

You've had a chance to meet the Milwaukee Ballet -- now don't you want to see your new pals dance? They have a busy performance schedule that you can check out here.

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(Photo by Brian Jacobson)