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"Meet The Need": Day 5 of 50 | 'We're Not Interested In Just Doing Church'

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Listen: On our first Friday of Meet The Need, Day 5 of 50 of the campaign, we take a look at the World Outreach and Bible Training Center. When putting together our Meet The Need campaigns, we pull in advisers who are fluent in who's doing good work in the Milwaukee community and ask them, "Who should we work with? What is the vital work being done in our community?" In this year's campaign, we were recommended a healthy number of organizations with strong religious roots and although we are clearly a secular organization, we fully support these efforts in the community. If it's having a positive impact, we want to feature it -- good work is good work, right? 

A prime example is the World Outreach and Bible Training Center -- I had co-founders and pastors Ervin and Melva Henderson to discuss their work:

-As they say themselves, they're about two things -- 'repairing and building lives.' And as Melva put it in our interview, "We're not interested in just doing church."


-When reaching into the community as they do, occasionally they see resistance. Melva on how they understand this resistance but also move beyond it by using their own personal experiences:


-Melva shares the story of a mother who was working as a prostitute and they were able to 'walk with her':


-'Are you ever tempted to give up?' Sometimes, need in the community can feel weighty and overwhelming. Pastor Ervin on how he moves beyond that weight:


-Finally, the World Outreach and Bible Training Center the Milwaukee Give, an effort they're organizing to feed 1000 families:


This year, we ask you to adopt one or two organizations that connect with you. Want to get involved with the World Outreach and Bible Training Center. Donate, volunteer, or check out their work yourself. And you can start with their website. And give special consideration to getting involved in The Milwaukee Give!