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Sally Stanton is a Garden Gnome/Neighborhood Project Week 5

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Sally Stanton of  Bay View, WI calls herself a "Garden Gnome", and she is a kind and benevolent one at that. She keeps vigilant watch over her plot(s) (and others' as well) at the Hide House Community Garden, located just behind the Hide House Lofts in Bay View. I met with Sally the Garden Gnome at the Hide House Community Garden, created with the help of the Victory Garden Initiative, Bay View Neighborhood Association, Arts at Large (who worked with Tippecanoe School of MPS to create the benches) and students from UWM (who helped with water storage issues). This lush and verdant spot is a must-see little gem tucked away behind Hide House, and offers up benches with artwork created by MPS youth, as well as delicious AND nutritious edibles....Let your ears munch on this..