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“Safe Streets, Healthy Kids”: The Most Interesting People In The World – Perion, Victory, and Gabriella

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Listen: During every campaign, I find myself immersed in a different Milwaukee-microcosm, whether it be Milwaukee’s rich arts community, our engaging neighborhoods, or the folks working on the front lines at non-profits. And in each of these focuses, I have the chance to give a fair amount of thought to each topic. So, what have I learned this summer from working with youth?

Kids are great. They are funny and creative and imaginative and can be remarkably honest. However, most kids won’t be that way immediately – it can take a little work to arrive at a level of comfort where they’re willing to open up. In these two pieces, I spent some extra time listening, and as these kids became comfortable, their personalities began to shine.


First, brothers Perion and Victory (going into 6th and 7th grade respectively) kept me thoroughly entertained on a long walk with the Hopkins Street Walking Club. Listen to these hilarious and sharp young men: see podcast below.



And because I’m pretty sure Perion and Victory are comedic savants, here’re some of the collected out takes from their audio piece:


Recently, I’ve discovered the most fun thing in the world to do — right after they tell it, ask a kid to explain a joke. Really, it is my new favorite activity:


Produced by: Adam Carr