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Introducing The Local Music Exchange With The Current (89.3FM) In The Twin Cities

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Okay, Packer fans and Viking fans probably don't get along, but their repsective music nerds do (at least for the most part).  All this week, we are exchanging local music with the  The Current (89.3FM) in The Twin Cities.  Each day, The Current will intorduce a Twin Cities' artist to RadioMilwaukee listners and vice versa.  88Nine's Jordan Lee discusses the music with The Current's Mark Wheat.  


Today, we kicked off the Local Music Exchange with  The Curent's pick Actual Wolf. Actual Wolf is the side project of Retribution Gospel Choir and Low mutli-instrumentalist Eric Pollard. Check out a live performance from Actual Wolf on The Current.

Actual Wolf - "Hollow Heel"

88Nine's Jordan Lee shared a tune from Jaill's latest release Traps on Sub Pop records.  

Jaill - "I'm Home"