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5 O'CLOCK SHADOW | How 'Bout An Impala?

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Today's 5 O'Clock Shadow is an American classic, solidified as part of our musical heritage, with the help of Alan Lomax's field recordings during the early to mid-20th Century.  During one of these sessions, the song Chevrolet was captured.  Penned by Ed & Lonnie Young in 1959, the tune has been adapted by numerous musicians.  Arguably, the most familiar rendition was recorded by the legendary Taj Mahal.


"Few figures deserve greater credit for the preservation of America's folk music traditions than Alan Lomax. Scouring the backroads, honky tonks, and work camps of the Deep South, he unearthed a treasure trove of songs and singers, documenting the music of the common man for future generations to discover; through Lomax's pioneering efforts, cultural traditions ranging from the Delta blues to Appalachian folk to field hollers continue to live on, with his invaluable recordings offering a compelling portrait of times and cultures otherwise long gone." AllMusic

Here's the Young Brothers' original:

Chris Robinson, of the Black Crowes, turns 44 today... so it's Taj and the Crowes!