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Okkervil River Promotes New Album With An 8-Bit Video Game

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On September 3, Austin's Okkervill will release their 7th studio album entitled The Silver Gymnasium on September 3.  To promote the album, frontman Will Sheff partnered with a game designer to create an 8-bit adventure game based on Sheff's childhood. 

“I always wanted to do a video game, I’m a big fan of games and grew up playing them...and I really enjoy the ability they have to sort of play with people’s imaginations and ignite people’s imaginations and to kind of put people in a dreamlike mindspace. I never knew how to actually be able to do one...but with this particular record since it’s very much focused on nostalgia from my childhood in the 80s and has a sort of storybook quality to it, it felt like the perfect time to try to do a game.” - Will Sheff (via Hypebot)

The game was created by Benjamin Miles of Eyes & Ears, and you can play it via Okkervil River's website. You can stream The Silver Gymnasium over at NPR's website now.