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Tupac performs at Coachella with Snoop and Dre

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The web is all a-buzz this morning with the news of Dr. Dre and Snoop's Coachella performance last night.

For several days leading up to the festival, rumors were flying that Nate Dogg would be back from the dead to perform as a hologram with Dr. Dre.  Nowhere in any of this was an announcement of 2pac.  It seems like the Nate Dogg announcement was a "smoke and mirror" (pun intended) to get the world's eye on Dre's set.  

Who would've thought this was going to happen...



Today we decided to look at Dr Dre and 2pac's greatest collaboration "California Love"



This song contains a number of great samples.  Zapp and Roger, Joe Cocker, and my favorite is the Ronnie Hudson song "West Coast Poplocking"