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414 Music | Semi-Twang Live in the Studio | March 31, 2011

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In 1988, “Salty Tears” by Semi-Twang was released with much praise and even landed the band a major label with Warner Brothers. whose Warner Brothers debut "Salty Tears" was hailed by critics as precursor of alternative country. 

Salty Tears has recently been covered in a ferocious way by rising Alligator Record's Michael Burke and exists somewhere in frustratingly unreleased form by the Queen of The Blues, Etta James. Also part of The R&B Cadets, Bob went on to play drums with Paul Cebar in several of the band's incarnations. In recent years, he has become a high ranked champion lawn bowler and in October of this year won the Men's Pairs US 2009 National Championships with Joe Zinna. (link)

Join us today for 414 music with Semi-Twang and an exclusive live song performance.