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5 O'Clock Shadow 3-18-13: In the Midnight Hour

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Today's 5 O'Clock Shadow features 80s post-punk rockers Echo & The Bunnymen and soul legend Wilson Pickett who would have been 72 years old today.

Rolling Stone ranks Pickett's "In the Midnight Hour" as the 134th best song of all time, so attempting a cover is a lofty challenge. The song was also found in an old jukebox that belonged to the late John Lennon. These days, I wonder if fellow Beatle Paul McCartney has it on his iPod. Oh, how times have changed...

Echo & The Bunnymen add an extra dose of distorted guitars, messy hair, and Britishness to this classic track with their awesomely 80s cover.

Check out both versions below!

Wilson Pickett - "In the Midnight Hour"



Echo & The Bunnymen - "In the Midnight Hour" (starts at 6:08)