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5 O'Clock Shadow 3-20-13: Don't Look Back in Anger

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Today's 5 O'Clock Shdaow features a rock and roll band from Britain and a man who has travelled all around the world.

Devendra Banhart took on Oasis's 1996 classic "Don't Look Back in Anger" with his own unique folk sound. He strips the song down to just an acoustic guitar and light percussion to create a tune that would be an appropriate soundtrack for an afternoon in a Parisian coffee shop, where Banhart lived for a few years. Or pehaps the song would sound better on a South American beaches where Banhart spent his childhood? The guy has lived everywhere, so I could apply different scenarios all day.

Though Oasis is no longer a band and (What's the Story) Morning Glory? seems like a distant memory, their legacy lives on in this song and the wonderfully simple cover by Banhart.

Take a listen to both versions below!

Oasis - "Don't Look Back in Anger"



Devendra Banhart - "Don't Look Back in Anger"