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5 O'Clock Shadow 3-22-13: Eye of the Tiger

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If you're driving home from work right now, here's a little pick me up to start your weekend right.

(But, you probably shouldn't read this while driving. That's fairly dangerous.)

Candian indie rock band The Rural Alberta Advantage decided to cover one of the most iconic songs of all time on today's 5 O'Clock Shadow: "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.

Armed with only an acoustic guitar, singer Nils Edenloff creates a folky cover that still keeps the original inspirational feeling. However, instead of wanting to drink raw eggs and run up stairs, I get more of a "lonesome cowboy in the lawless West searching for a soul in a place devoid of any sort of moral code" kind of vibe. 

Something simple, you know?

Check out both versions below and catch the 5 O'Clock Shadow every week day at 5 P.M.

Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger"


The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Eye of the Tiger"