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The Bucket Heads go to Chicago

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Seven o clock sample time!!!!

Oh yeah, and today we are exploring some HOUSE! ( No not that crass doctor on TV, but that funky style of techno. )

Kenny "Dope" is one of house music's high rollers. His side project the BucketHeads is responsible for one of the genre's biggest hits...

"The Bomb ( Theses Sounds Fall Into My Mind ) " has made an appearance at parties, clubs and raves all around the world.

In classic HOUSE fashion... here's a funk re-edit mix:


Those sounds are brought to us by the always funky CHICAGO. From their 1979 album Chicago 13, here is the album's first track " Street Player".

Here is some LIVE Chicago footage of the song from Septemeber of 79!


Here is a DOPE re-edit!