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The Chemistry of Fatboy Slim

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This week we are exploring the music of Fatboy Slim on the Seven o'Clock Samples.  Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim has remained relevant and fresh for over 20 years now.  His unique big beat Brighton Sound has blazed trails for countless numbers of electronic artists to come after him.

In 1996, his debut "album" was released on Stinkt Records in the UK, and later on Asterlwerks in America.  This project was more of a compilation of Norman's singles and tracks he'd been playing leading up to that time.

With hits like "Punk to Funk" and "Everybody Needs at 303", he was able to bring big beat electronic to the mainstream.  One of my personal favorites on this project is the track "Song For Lindy".



Such a catchy and fun song, and quite an earwig for having no vocals.

This track utilizes 3 main records to create this composition.

#1. Drums come from a 1969 track from Chicago called " I'm a Man".



#2. Guitar lick comes from folk singer Ellen McIlwaine's cover of "Higher Ground".



#3. A funky house piano groove sampled from Jimi Polo's "Better Days."



Great samples!