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Let's Hear It : 7 o'clock sample edition

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This week on 7 o'clock sample we are taking requests, literally.  I've had a number of great suggestions for the 7 o'clock Sample from you, the listeners.  So this week I thought we'd play some of your requests.

A few weeks back I received this email from Teddy... "My name in Teddy and I'm a big fan of yours and of 88.9 Radio Milwaukee I work for a hotel and drive the shuttle van to/from the airport all day. 

So basically I get to listen to 88.9 all day at work. LOL Anyways, I really love the 7:00 sample that you do every morning. My favorite that I can remember was when you played Duck Sauce - Anyway.

I found this the other day and i thought it might be a good song for the 7:00 sample sometime. The song is by "TV Girl" and is called "If You Want It (You Got It) "



It samples the song "Hello It's Me" by Todd Rundgren



Dear Teddy,

Thank you for sharing your discovery with me.  I truly love this one.  Great find brother, and send us any other samples you find.

- Jordan