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Rockafeller Samples

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This week we are exploring the music of Fatboy Slim on the Seven o'Clock Sample.  It would be in poor taste if I were to skip over one of his biggest hits, The ROCKAFELLER SKANK.




It was a hit single on the 1998 album You've Come a Long Way, Baby. Interesting fact about this song's samples. Fatboy Slim has stated that to clear the samples and release the song he had to release 100% of the track's royalties, 25% to each artist, and so he receives no royalties himself.

This song incorporates 4 main samples...

#1. Detroit soul group the Just Brothers track "Sliced Tomatoes".



#2.  Some rockabilly drums from Bobby Fuller's "I Fought The Law (And The Law Won)"



#3.  Some cool guitar licks from the movie Beat Girl by the John Barry Orchestra.

#4.  The main vocal hook, comes from a sample of DITC crew member Lord Finesse. He did the intro for a track by the Vinyl Dogs called "Vinyl Dog Vibe"  Check it out now...