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a.MKE: Deep tunnel clean-up, Westown Farmers Market and the Northeaster 11.8.12

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Three boats were lowered into the end of the deep tunnel system yesterday to remove a variety of trash that has collected in the tunnel since it's creation 18 years ago. It's estimated during the cleanup, which will take crews 40 days, working 6 days a week, 800 cubic yards of stuff will be collected.

In election news, The Milwaukee Election Commission reports that 87% of registered voters voted in Milwaukee, up 7% from four years ago. Which was also an increase from 2004, when only 69% of the registered voters turned up at the polls. 

A new storm that hit the East Coast yesterday is threatening recovery efforts. Strong winds and a mix of rain and snow brought down power lines, caused many traffic accidents and cause power outages that had just been restored from Sandy.

The Westown Farmers Market will celebrate its fifth season with a new location as it sets up at The Shops of Grand Avenue. Located on the second floor below the food court and will be open every Wednesday from 10a to 3pm.