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a.MKE: Hope for Hostess, Operation Safe Drive, Banks pay reparations and protections for tunnels 11.20.12

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Wisconsin residents who were wrongly foreclosed on received $86.2 million in relief in September as a result of a national mortgage settlement. The settlement comes fromthe five banks accused of abuses. 1,873 residents in Wisconsin benefited from some kind of consumer relief.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke will announce his "Operation Safe Drive" plan today at a news conference in Wauwatosa. A similar program from last year increased deputy patrols on Milwaukee County freeways.

Hostess Brands, Inc and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union have agreed to mediation, following a request from the judge in the bankruptcy case. It's unclear how these efforts may help avoid a shutdown of the company.

In Science and Technology news, researchers are working on an inflatable device that can be used to help guard tunnels during disasters by providing flooding protection. The project uses an inflatable plug to hold back floodwaters.