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a.MKE: Hotel & Theater auctions, Benghazi bombing suspect questioned and Samsung taking on iPhone 3.15.13

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According to a report by CNN, a man suspected of involvement in the September attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi is being held in Libya. Faraj al-Shibli was detained within the past two days and had recently returned from a trip to Pakistan. The Libyan government allowed the FBI to question him, something that is not necessarily done when a person is detained in a foreign country. It's unclear exactly what al-Shibli's role might have been in the attack.

The old Airport Wyndham Hotel that closed down right before Christmas is holding a 45-day hotel liquidation in attempt to get rid of everything in the hotel, including TV's and mini-fridges. Hours are Monday through Saturday 10am until 7pm and Sundays from noon until 5pm.

In technology news, Samsung introduced its newest phone yesterday, the Galaxy S4, hoping to outsell Apple's iPhone. With a super high-definition five-inch screen, 13 megapixel rear-facing camera that can shoot video and pictures from the front are rear cameras simultaneously, the phone also includes scrolling technology that senses when users are looking at the screen and moves accordingly.

Bay View's historic Avalon Theater is auctioning off vintage production equipment, projectors, light, popcorn machines and seating. Online bidding runs through next week. The theater will be open Saturday, March 16th for bidders to walk through and inspect items.