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a.MKE: Kindergarten on an airplane? NML invests $300million downtown, Summerfest ticket increase and MBC goes solar 12.6.12

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The Summerfest board approved their 2013 budget yesterday, which increased by $1.87 million. The additional revenue expected to come from attendance, sponsorships, business group sales and ticket sales. Daily ticket prices will be increasing from $16 to $17 dollars.  Promotions and ticket discounts for festival goers will still be offered.

Milwaukee Brewing Company announced it plans to install a solar hot water system at its brewing facility in early 2013, which will include 28 solar panels to pre-heat water used in the brewing process. The solar project further implements the company's commitment to sustainable brewing practices since the production facility was built in 2007.

Today, at an 11am press conference, Northwestern Mutual will announce plans to build a high-rise office building at the corner of Mason and Cass Streets in Downtown Milwaukee. The 300-million dollar tower would replace an existing 16-story building already on their campus. NML employs more than 3500 downtown and 2000 at its campus in Franklin.

Headmaster Gary Chapidze has created a kindergarten at a school in Georgia where he believes children won't want to go home. He has repurposed an old Yak-42 airplane and turned it into a classroom. The seats have been ripped out so the inside looks like a typical classroom, but the kids can play with the technology in the cockpit and can make-believe with the handsets flight attendants use to make announcements. 


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In terms of on-site media coverage, the Boston Marathon ranks behind only the Super Bowl as the largest single day sporting event in the world.


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