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AMKE: The List 10-13-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

Speaker of the State Assembly, Republican Jeff Fitzgerald, is officially in the Wisconsin race for U.S. Senate. Fitzgerald announced his run the other day. He was known to some of you as the key player to help pass Governor Walker’s proposal to limit public union bargaining rights.  The only democrat that announced a run for Kohl’s seat is Madison Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.

Edgewood College in Madison and Northland College in Ashland are two Wisconsin colleges taking part in the launch of the “Billion Dollar Green Challenge”. The challenge encourages colleges and non-profit institutions to invest in self-managed revolving funds that help finance energy efficiency projects. The schools committed $62 million to the challenge.

Starting today, Milwaukee will host a four-day “National Land Trust Alliance Rally” at the Frontier Airlines Center. It’s an opportunity to talk with conservation professionals, learn more about our urban setting and how to focus on land protection throughout Milwaukee. The goal is to connect communities for the future of conservation.

Milwaukee’s teen birthrate dropped for the second straight year. It went down 5.6 births per 1,000 teens and that’s keeping the city ahead of the pace needed to reach its goal by 2015. The United Way of Greater Milwaukee set the goal of cutting teen pregnancy back in 08. Back then teen birthrates were 31.3 per 1,000 teens.

If you’ve been doing some fall cleaning and happen to need to get rid of some hazardous waste, now’s your chance. The city’s sewerage district is holding a household hazardous waste collection on Saturday from 11 to 6 at State Fair Park. Some items include compact fluorescent light bulbs and any household chemicals. The first 500 people to drop off materials will get a low flow showerhead.

There are a lot of upset customers when it comes to the Blackberry. It’s hitting its fourth day of an outage, which started in Europe and now users in the U.S And Canada are having troubles as well. One of RIM’s biggest competitors, Apple, is about to release its iPhone 4s on Friday and for some, they already made the switch from Blackberry to Apple.