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AMKE: The List 10-26-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

Mayor Barrett joined other mayors around the country along with First Lady Michelle Obama in Chicago yesterday to talk about ways to improve access to healthy, affordable foods in neighborhoods with high poverty rates. Barrett said he’s proud of Milwaukee’s efforts to make healthy food affordable but believes the area west of Marquette University and the Lincoln Park area on the city’s north side still need better access.

Plans are moving forward with UWM’s Water School project. Construction is set to start in early 2012 on the first phase of the $53 million School of Freshwater Sciences. The first phase of work will be a robotics lab. It’s an expansion of the existing Great Lakes Water Institute and it looks over Milwaukee’s harbor on Greenfield Ave.

Give it up for the Midwest being a solar hot-spot for job opportunities. A new study shows that over 12,000 Wisconsin jobs are tied to the renewable energy sector. This includes solar and wind energy industries and Milwaukee’s very own solar panel manufacturing plant, Helios.

Yesterday the state Senate approved a bill that says text messages are covered under the state’s no-call list. The state’s law already covers landlines and cell phones and more than 2.3 million numbers in Wisconsin are now on the list. If telemarketers violate the state law, they can face a $100 fine per call.

Vice president Joe Biden canceled his appearance at a fundraiser for the Obama Victory Fund. The event starts at 2:30 at Discovery World. The Obama Victory Fund is a joint fundraising committee put on by Obama for America and the Democratic National Committee.

Netflix…some people still love it and others, not so much. Netflix recently reported its financial results and it lost about 800,000 subscribers in the period ending September 30th. But executives say they expect to see a gain in subscribers in the U.S, but they don’t have a specific goal to reach.