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AMKE: The List 10-3-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

To close the half-billion dollar budget gap in state health programs, Health Services Secretary Dennis Smith said officials are looking at shifting more than $200,000 state Medicaid recipients into a lower-cost plan with fewer benefits. In order for these changes to occur, Wisconsin would need waivers from the federal government.

Milwaukee Succeeds is the latest public-private collaboration to help education throughout Milwaukee. Its focus is to connect major businesses, education and non-profit groups and for them to work together to improve the challenges facing all students in the city’s public, private and public charter schools.

Good news for Milwaukee’s recycling, the city is now accepting more items. This includes everything from new types of plastics to old pots and pans. And the city no longer requires you to separate paper, plastic and metal in your recycling collection. The change is effective immediately.

You might have heard the phrase “Occupy Wall Street” within the past few weeks…it’s a protest in New York where thousands of people are showing up each day to march against corporations, the wealthy and income distribution. The objective is to take down the big cats of Wall Street and change how the government works. Other cities throughout the nation have been demonstrating as well, and the Occupy Milwaukee Movement is set for October 15th.

Governor Walker signed a bill that will move Wisconsin’s presidential primary from February to April. The new law is a response to a national rules change by political parties prohibiting states from holding their primaries before the first Tuesday in March.

The Plan Commission will be reviewing a proposal today to create an indoor fish farm and greenhouses for organic vegetables near the Story Hill neighborhood on Milwaukee’s West Side. Central Greens would operate six greenhouses and two buildings for rearing fish, then Central Greens would sell the fish and veggies to local restaurants and grocery stores.