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AMKE: The List 10-4-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

Southeast Wisconsin foreclosure filings fell again in September. We saw a 30% drop from the same time last year. So for numbers almost 900 foreclosures filings happened within the last month in Milwaukee and surrounding counties, compared to over 1,200 the same time last year. This is keeping an overall yearly trend of fewer filings.

Good news for Milwaukee’s recycling…the city is now accepting more items! Everything from new types of plastics to old pots and pans. And the city no longer requires you to separate paper, plastic and metal in your recycling collection. The change is effective immediately.

If you went to Green Bay for the Packers game on Sunday then you might have been a part of the new security procedures. Security officials got hand-held detectors as a way to enhance security, but using those wands ended up slowing down the lines causing fans to get upset and late for the kickoff. The Green Bay Police Department is going to review Sunday’s event and try to adjust it accordingly.

Toll fees could help out Wisconsin by rebuilding and expanding our state’s aging interstate highways. A recent study shows that tolls would essentially cover the $26.2 billion that goes into rebuilding each highway.

A new energy storage project called “Microgrids” was announced yesterday. The team includes all of the state’s engineering schools and a lot of large Milwaukee-area employers. The aim is to boost the state’s stature as a center of excellence in the industry and to create more clean-tech jobs.

Exciting news for the Lakefront Marathon…a Guinness World Record was set for “most people linked together that completed a marathon”. The old record was 34, but now 62 runners called the “Jennipede” were tethered together by a long rope and karabiners and they successfully finished the race on Sunday. They also raised over $100,000 for the rehabilitation care of Jenny Crain, a world class runner who was hit by a car when training for the Beijing Olympics.