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AMKE: The List 11-15-11

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The Supreme Court just announced that it would hear over five hours of arguments over President Obama’s health care overhaul come March. This case could shake up the political landscape as voters decide whether or not Obama deserves another term. The argument session is revolved around the question of whether individuals should be required to buy health insurance starting in 2014 or pay a penalty.

Today kicks off the formal launch of recall efforts for Governor Scott Walker. State Democrats and other Walker opponents now have 60 days to get 540,000 signatures to force an election. The effort stemmed from Walker’s move to eliminate public union rights so the government could cut spending. However Governor Walker can also raise unlimited funds to fight the recall efforts.

Washington High School of Information Technology will host “I-Fair” from 9 to 1 today. It’s a chance for middle school students to explore careers in information technology and engineering. The event is for middle schools that currently have Project Lead the Way classes: which are classes that prepare students to become active in high tech skills and engineering through imagination and innovation.

The ever-evolving Facebook is, well, changing once again. This time reports say that Facebook will shift its privacy policy to “opt in” instead of “opt out”.  Members would basically have to “opt in” to allow strangers to see personal information stored on their profile pages.  All of this is in response to the FTC’s accusation that Facebook deceived members when it changed its policies in 09. That’s when people’s info was made public – until they changed or customized their settings themselves.

U.S. Veterans are working to create the world’s largest medical database through the “Million Veteran Program” or MVP. The idea is to build a large database, with both medical histories and blood samples from one million U.S. Veterans. Overall, it can help researchers better understand why some people are more responsive to certain drugs or vulnerable to specific diseases.

The recent bluff collapse at the WE Energies power plant moved tons of coal ash and debris into Lake Michigan but the Environmental Protection Agency says there’s no threat to public health and there’s a small environmental impact. Both the DNR and EPA are closely watching clean up efforts. But coal ash removal can’t start until the large equipment and trailers that slid into the lake are removed.