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AMKE: The List 11-28-11

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I'm going to say it, basketball season! After 149 days, the NBA finally came to a tentative labor agreement that ends the lockout and puts Milwaukee’s Bucks back on the Bradley Center floor. Tickets will be sold again and a new schedule is going to be drawn up. In the meantime, NBA players and owners will vote to ratify a 10-contract with an opt-out for both sides after six years. If approved, a 66 game season will start on Christmas day.
Recall efforts against Governor Scott Walker are well underway
now. Over the weekend, groups of volunteers worked in shifts to collect signatures in high-traffic areas. And for the past week they've been getting roughly 400 signatures a day, needing 540,000 within 60 days.
Wisconsin’s new concealed carry law not only allows people to legally carry a hidden gun, but also for the first time, it's legal to possess electronic weapons like stun guns and tasers. But a permit is required before even going off to buy or carry a taser - concealed or not. Before Act 35, it used to be a felony for anyone but law enforcement or the military to possess tasers...but not anymore.
So far the Packers along with Sargento, raised $62,000 to fight hunger through the "Touchdowns for Charity" program. The money raised will support Wisconsin’s Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee County and Paul’s Pantry in Green Bay.  So for each touchdown scored by the Packers during the 2011 regular season, Sargento donated $1,000 to the task force and needless to say, the Pack have been doing quite well in that area.
Black Friday brought madness to each and every state, and here in Milwaukee, with mall openings at midnight, retailers like Kohl's, Target, Best Buy, Macy's and so on had hundreds if not thousands of people racing through the early morning hours. The National Retail Federation believes that 2011 holiday sales will be going up quite a bit compared to last year...some saying that overnight shopping could become a new tradition.
Just hours ago, Los Angeles Mayor gave occupy protestors a chance to get up and move out...over the weekend an eviction notice was given to protesters whose tents lined the lawn of Los Angeles City Hall, but all day yesterday very few occupiers left. Then, just hours ago around midnight, only about two dozen police officers came and protesters held their ground. It’s likely that arrests will be made and the area will be cleared just like in Zuccotti Park.