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AMKE: The List 11-29-11

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Stocks rose sharply yesterday after a strong start to holiday shopping. Reports show a record number of shoppers hit the mall over the weekend or shopped online during Monday’s cyber deals. And markets in Europe are up as leaders discuss new approaches for its debt crisis. Which was the center around President Obama’s speech to European leaders.

In the past Wisconsin Governors from both parties have pardoned hundreds of convicted people, but Governor Walker has no plans to do so and he hasn’t granted any pardons since being elected. Walker stated, that “these decisions are best left up to the courts”. But some critics are saying that it’s the governor’s duty to proceed with pardons, especially if someone deserves one.

Yesterday marked day one for demolition work on downtown’s new Marriott Hotel project. Crews will be demolishing three buildings instead of five and construction will take place east of the Milwaukee River near the corner of North Broadway and West Wisconsin Avenue. The $54 million project is expected to bring hundreds of new jobs to the area and it’s going to take about two years to complete.

With month’s end here, hundreds of drivers got speeding tickets throughout Milwaukee over the holiday weekend. Just over 300 excessive speed citations were issued, and more than a dozen people were cited for drunk driving. It was called “Operation Safe Drive” and Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputies and Police came together to reduce speeding and keep an eye out for drunk drivers.

Today Hunger Task Force trucks will drop off supplies in anticipation of the Canadian Pacific train that’s coming into Milwaukee this Saturday. For the past 13 years, this decorated train comes through the Midwest, making stops and collecting food. Anyone interested in going is asked to bring a non-perishable food item to the Amtrak Station.

In its 4th year, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is calling for art nominations for its Christmas Day front page, which is normally reserved for the top news of the day. They’re looking for an appropriate scene for Christmas day, and it has to be made by a Wisconsin artist, living or dead. These should either be paintings or prints, not photographers or three-dimensional pieces.