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AMKE: The List 12-1-11

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Today is when Former Governor Tommy Thompson plans to officially kick off his U.S Senate campaign. He’s making the announcement at Weldall Manufacturing in Waukesha. As far as Thompson’s agenda, he says “there’s a long list of actions that we need to take to bring America back”…that includes balancing the budget, reform entitlements and growing our economy with lower taxes.

Just the other day Senator Chris Larson dropped off over 5,000 signatures to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that were in support of adding a bike and pedestrian lane to the Hoan Bridge. The proposal has many options, including fenced off lanes on the sides and middle of the bridge, a raised bike lane option and a few more layout alternatives.

This afternoon kicks off the 17th Annual “Spirit of the Non-profit Sector”, also known as its “Celebration of Diversity”. The event focuses on the diverse culture of Milwaukee and brings together those involved in non-profits across the city.  There will be local craftsmen, music and a variety of food for everyone.  It starts at 5:30 at the Italian Community Center.

Yesterday police cleared out both Occupy camps in L.A. and Philly. Over 200 arrests were made in L.A. and protesters who were camped out near LA City hall for over two months told reporters that they plan on coming back to the site. In Philadelphia, there were over 40 arrests and police had to use quote “overwhelming force” during the operation due to protesters trying to hold their ground.

Winter parking rules going into effect today for the city of Milwaukee, and the Department of Public Works is warning everyone that they can get parking tickets now even on some streets that aren’t posted with “no-parking signs”. Officials are urging car owners to check by phone or online regarding parking in their neighborhood. The alternate-side night parking goes into effect until March 1st, again depending on where you live. Details available, here.

Today the “YES” series comes to downtown Milwaukee. It stands for the Young Entrepreneurs Series and it’s where Small Business Administration’s Deputy Administrator, Marie Johns, will meet with small business owner’s and promote young entrepreneurship as a way to grow the economy. With youth unemployment so high right now, SBA is hoping to better support the efforts of young people looking for jobs.