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AMKE: The List 12-6-11

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Milwaukee based Roundy supermarkets are looking to raise up to $230 million through a public stock offering (IPO). The company has over 150 grocery stores through three states, Wisconsin being one of them, and in the Milwaukee area - Pick n Save is the number one supermarket chain. The goal is to use proceeds from the stock sale to pay down part of its corporate debt.

State Transportation Officials are seeking funds and moving forward with two building projects to upgrade the Amtrak service in Milwaukee. One upgrade includes designing a maintenance base to service new trains from Milwaukee to Chicago, which is now under construction and the other project includes plans for rebuilding the passenger train concourse at the Amtrak station downtown…which is expected to start this March.

Mayor Barrett isn’t the only city leader in China right now. UWM’s Chancellor Michael Lovell is there as well working on a recruiting agreement that could boost the university’s international profile. Hundreds of Chinese students are going to be enrolling for next fall at UWM under the agreement signed yesterday. With China being a high trading partner, this will also boost the ability to help Milwaukee companies that do business in China.

Next spring is when the U.S. Postal Service will make cuts to first-class mail by slowing its delivery, and for the first time in 40 years, it will eliminate the chance for stamped letters to arrive the next day. The $3 billion in reductions were announced yesterday as part of a wide-ranging effort by the postal service to avoid bankruptcy. Other plans could slow everything from check payments to Netflix DVD rentals, and possibly threaten time-sensitive magazines and newspapers.

The Green Bay Packers stock sale is set to begin at 8 a.m. …and it’s the 5th stock offering in it’s 92-year history. All proceeds from the sale are expected to help finance the team’s $143 million expansion of Lambeau Field, including the addition of 6,600 seats in the south end-zone area. The last time the team sold a stock was back in 98 so it’s a big day for the Packers.

The Chicago-based documentary called “The Interrupters” was recently shown again in Milwaukee and it inspired over 300 youth and community members to become more informed. The film is about three violence interrupters and their work in the “war zones” of Chicago. The interrupters work with troubled youth and repeat offenders to change their lives for the better.