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AMKE: The List 12-8-11

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After Hermain Cain’s split from the presidential race, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is now the frontrunner for the GOP Presidential Nomination. Officials say Gingrich sits atop the Republican Presidential Field in Iowa with a clear lead ahead of Mitt Romney, and his support in national polls have been steadily increasing

There’s a few parking updates in the city. The Third Ward Business Improvement District is just about finished adding its new parking center between Broadway and Buffalo and St. Paul Avenue. The parking now matches the block’s center parking and streetscape. Marcus Center for Performing Arts just got its plan endorsed for a new parking structure. The plans are to build a 700-stall parking structure on North Water Street.

Tonight the Young Milwaukee Charitable Organization is hosting its 2nd Annual Holiday Gala benefitting the Zilber Neighborhood Initiative. The goal is to raise enough money and collect toys for children in the Lindsay Heights and Clarke Square Neighborhoods. I interviewed one of the creators of Young Milwaukee for Make a Difference, so to learn more on the event or organization, click on stories on our website.

Federal Officials announced new rules that will crack down on Foodshare fraud on social media websites and by investigating those who say they lost their cards several times. Officials want to make sure that “the program is there for people who truly need it.” There will be major steps taken, especially with Internet trafficking and there’s also a fraud hotline put in place for people to report illegal sales.

Construction on UWM’s new School of Freshwater Sciences is set to begin this month. The first part will be remodeling sections of the Great Lakes Water Institute, which overlooks the Harbor on Greenfield Ave. The remodeled space with house the school’s ecological research and most of its operations. That project should be finished by November 2013.

The United Performing Arts Fund recently announced its support for local performing art groups, giving them a big boost in funding with over $7 million going to its member organizations and over $140,000 going to non-member groups. The biggest increase went to Milwaukee’s Children Choir.