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AMKE: The List 8-1-11

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Happy August! Hard to believe we're tearing through Summer. Every year around this time we all find it hard to believe everything has moved so quickly. It always does.

1. When shaking took too long.

I didn't think one needed 2,000 words on the history of the high five. I was wrong.

2. Paul is (not) dead.

McCartney playing tonight at Wrigley Field. I'll be disappointed if he's wearing a Cubs jersey.

This video is fantastic. I caught it on MPTV last week. It's Paul at Abbey Road Studios showing his process of creating songs. Excellent.

3. The Future is just tomorrow yesterday.

Dubai in 2010. Taken by 1930's camera. Woah! Science reality.

4. Have you seen this man (in the past 40 years?)

Dan "DB" Cooper might be the greatest unsolved crime in modern America. To get you up to speed, Cooper highjacked a plane in 1971. He demanded $200,000 and four parachutes. After trading the cash for the passengers, the plane took off and Cooper jumped out of the back somewhere between Portland and Seattle. Aside from finding about $8,000, there's been no trace of Cooper. There have been plenty of suspects. There have even been people claiming responsibility on their death bed, because wouldn't that be cool, but no actual proof.

Evidently there is a new lead. Sadly, that lead is probably dead at this point. If true, he will be the one that got away.


5. Secret Soundtrack. YOU MUST CHILL.


Say Anything. Rumor has it a sequel is in the making. I'm not sure why either.