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AMKE: The List 8-25-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

Yesterday’s headlines read iQUIT. CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, did in fact quit. Jobs resigned due to a medical condition, which is the same reason he took leave back in January. Tim Cook was handed the new title as CEO and Jobs was elected Chairman of Apple’s Board.

The city might be spending $800,000 in order to prep for the final Menomonee Valley Industrial Center. Mainly because there’s a few empty parcels left for redevelopment. There’s a board meeting today and officials will discuss the proposal then. The city has already spent over $21 million to buy land and for public improvements, but developers say they need to compact loose soil on the park’s unsold parcels.

Drive pass the Art Museum lately? Did you notice the wings are pulled back? It’s weird to see actually. It’s the first time in a decade that a part on top of the Brise Soleil needed to be fixed. Workers took a five-foot,1,200 pound cylinder out of the spine and that’s what they’re working on. It’s one of 22 cylinders that help raise the wings. The art museum hopes the wings will be flapping again by Labor Day weekend.

Evacuations already started for a tiny island off North Carolina, as Hurricane Irene gets closer. The evacuation was a test to see whether people in the crosshairs of the first major hurricane the East Coast has seen in years, would go ahead with orders to get out of the way. Hurricane Irene hit the Bahamas yesterday and it’s growing stronger as it nears the East Coast. Winds are now up to 115 MPH.

What if I told you there’s a new currency that’s not tied to any country or government? No, it’s not monopoly money but they say it’s a lot like cash, but for the online world… it’s called Bitcoin. It doesn’t exist in the physical world so there’s no feeling bitcoins or picking one up off the ground. Bitcoins are live on computers and the Internet and run by people who use it. To really understand it, you have to go online and visit an online exchange where you can trade actual dollars for the virtual currency.

It was a muggy day, but 2,000 some freshman moved into their new dorms yesterday at Marquette University. Students along with new president, Scott Pilarz, will now call Milwaukee home. Pilarz is the 23rd president of Marquette. All this week students will be busy with their orientation.