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AMKE: The List 8-26-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, plans to invest $5 billion in Bank of America. Shares of Bank of America spiked and are currently up 8%, but last quarter Bank of America reported an $8.8 billion loss, owing much of its money to a settlement with mortgage investors.

For those of you who make the drive to work from Chicago everyday, tolls will shoot up an average 88% next year. The reason for this is to help finance a $12 billion toll road expansion plan. So for those who hit main-line toll plazas, the ones every driver has to go through, the toll will rise 35 cents. Individual tolls vary from one to another, but the cost of an average toll road trip will rise from 63 cents to $1.18.

A state of emergency was declared to remove downed trees in northwestern Wisconsin. The July and August windstorms knocked down trees in roughly 130,000 wooded areas. Local governments and the timber industry have been rushing to get rid of the wood and debris before it rots and catches fire. Now the State Department of Natural Resources is in charge of the recovery.

I can tell it’s the weekend and nearing the end of summer because there’s a lot happening in Milwaukee. Here’s a rundown.

Mexican Fest kicks off today at the Summerfest grounds and runs through Sunday. Silver City’s 5th annual Asian Fest is tomorrow. Then there’s the Arts and Funk Festival at the Marcus Center downtown. What else…Wings Over Waukesha Air Show will be flying into town tomorrow and there will be great weather for the pilots flying through. And MPS is inviting all walkers and runners interested in the Run Back for School Event. It’s a 5k run or 1.5 mile walk through Washington Park. All proceeds support MPS Youth Sports Programs.

Hurricane Irene is moving northwest with winds up to 115 MPH. Some U.S. residents were forced to evacuate their homes yesterday and the military moved more than two dozen ships out to sea ahead of the storm. Hurricane Irene is expected to hit North Carolina by tomorrow.

Football is here…and the Packers announced that they’re going to add 6,600 new seats in the south end-zone area of Lambeau Field. They’re also going to add a new gate and a rooftop viewing area in the north end zone. This will all cost roughly $130 million. Work for the project will start on September 1st.

Kasey and Matthew Hickey love food and music...so much that they started a blog called “Turntable Kitchen” that fuses music and food together. Their blog suggests the perfect tracks for every meal. So if a dish is smoky…then they pick music with a smoky croon. “Pairings Box” is their latest project. It’s a monthly subscription service where they send boxes with a limited-edition record, themed and seasonal recipes and dried ingredients. The first box debuts this fall.