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AMKE: The List 9-7-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

A lot of people are talking about Mitt Romney's 'Jobs Plan Speech' that he gave yesterday. There were several comparisons to Steve Jobs actually. Romney's plan had 59 separate proposals such as: lowering taxes, reducing regulations and increasing domestic energy production. But the Android vs. iPhone question came up along with a few references to Steve Jobs leadership skills. The speech was intended to upstage Obama’s big jobs speech, which we'll hear tomorrow.

Convergence Energy of Lake Geneva is building one of the largest solar projects in the state, and it’s the first time individual investors can buy a stake in the project. The idea is to provide a green-power investment opportunity for people who live in a condo or have too much shade to make solar power workable on their home. The project is being built, piece-by-piece, as investors take a stake in the project. They started work last year and the solar installation should be finished near the end of this year.

There’s an app for tha! I think it’s safe to say we hear this phrase almost everyday. I recently stumbled upon an app for college students. UW-Milwaukee now has an app that shows when its campus shuttles take off, how many computers are in the nearest lab, a campus map,special activities happening around campus, and the list goes on. The app launched right before school started and it already has more than 1,800 downloads.

And over a year ago Go Marquette dot com unveiled its mobile app for the athletics department. It gives up to the minute scores, sports news, rosters, video, and anything sports related.

Yahoo’s Chief Executive, Carol A. Bartz, was fired yesterday after having a rocky two-year tenure.  Apparently Bartz had been under pressure since the first day of work, with the stress of turning the company around and in recent months the pressure from major investors intensified.  She engineered a deal that turned over its search operation to Microsoft but couldn’t live up to the expectations. Timothy Morse is the company’s Chief Financial Officer and he will now serve as the interim chief executive.

With the 9/11 Anniversary almost here, the planning process for memorial ceremonies across the country are underway. The Milwaukee County War Memorial will soon get a piece of steel from the destroyed twin towers. It will be displayed publicly this Sunday during Milwaukee County's Memorial Ceremony for victims of the terrorist attacks. It will later become part of a permanent exhibit, but the design and placement haven't be announced yet.

Today training starts for the “Growing Food and Justice for All Gathering” at the state fair grounds. Today and tomorrow the program will focus on building community leaders, giving education on farming activities, how to build a just food system, and an inside look at Growing Power’s community food center. The imitative will kick off Thursday after the training.