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a.MKE The List: Barrett & Abele Announce Reelection Bids; Ramp of Mitchell Interchange to Reopen: Today’s Top Stories

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News Rundown

Today the DOT is opening the ramp from I-894 eastbound to I-43 northbound. The old ramp was closed for about 10 months as part of the reconstruction of the Mitchell Interchange. Now drivers exit on the right opposed to the left, which is part of the department's long-term strategy of turning left on and off ramps into right hand ramps.

Police are saying there is an increasing number of a counterfeit bills being used to buy Packers tickets on game day at Lambeau Field. Officials say “you’re taking a chance when you sell a ticket to a complete stranger in a crowd of 70,000 because it’s easy for that person to disappear in a second and leave you with fake money.” Local ordinances require a permit for those selling Packers tickets on game days near the field; otherwise violators face a fine up to $1,000.

With Christmas right around the corner, Milwaukee welcomes “Winterfest”. It’s a winter wonderland at the Frontier Airlines Center and it goes through December 31st. The festival has an indoor ice rink, a snow globe big enough for the entire family to climb inside, music, choirs, dancing, and all around entertainment. Winterfest is closed Christmas day but will resume normal hours after that.

Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele formally announced their spring-election campaigns yesterday at South Shore Park. The event was focused on highlighting both leaders’ re-election bids and the amount of cooperation on economic development along with other issues. February 21st marks the primary election and the general election is set for April 3rd.

A new study ranks Milwaukee as the second-best city in the nation for manufacturing. The study focuses on our high concentration of diverse manufacturers and job creation. Milwaukee added 3,900 heavy metal jobs within the past year alone. Manufacturing makes up about 32% of all jobs in Wisconsin. Houston, Texas is slightly above Milwaukee, taking the number one slot.

Congress is moving forward with the ongoing Great Lakes Initiative. Both the House and Senate approved $300 million in the upcoming budget for the program, which will focus on cleaning up toxic hot spots, stopping invasive species and restoring sensitive areas like the wetlands. President Obama is expected to sign the bill in the coming days.

Man about Town about Food & Host of a Foodie television show: Kyle Cherek

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