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a.MKE The List: Barrett & Walker In Dead Even Race for Governor & MSOE's Groundbreaking Ceremony: Today's Top Stories

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Developers recently pitched ideas for a high-rise executive apartment tower, a hotel and mixed public-private uses for the downtown transit center. Ideas were submitted in response to a county request – which was looking for suggestions on demolishing and replacing the 20-year-old center on Milwaukee’s lakefront.  County Executive Chris Abele thinks the transit center site is the most valuable piece of land in the state because of its location on Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee. Moving forward, Abele will review the submissions then seek county board approval if he finds one or two promising project ideas.

Governor Scott Walker and Mayor Tom Barrett are neck and neck within the race for governor. This is according to a recent Marquette University Law School poll. The poll also showed Barrett is leading his Democratic rivals in Tuesday’s primary. But among registered voters, Barrett led Walker 47% to 46%. That one-point advantage was then reversed when looking at only likely voters, with Walker holding 45% and Barrett at 47%. The poll’s director said, “That’s just about as close to a tie as you can possibly get.” Voters will head to the polls this Tuesday, May 8th.

UWM Students and senior citizens at the United Community Center recently teamed up to produce a mural. The mural represented family, culture, music, nature and love. Now the project was more than a form of expression, but also research. The Center for Urban Initiatives and Research Program at UWM gives students the chance to experience community fieldwork and research each year, while still in school. So the program brought some students to UCC’s Adult Day Center to create the memory mural. UCC employees said, “The seniors enjoy when the students are here and the students enjoy seeing the seniors express themselves through art.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is hosting the “Wisconsin 2012 Debate: The Democratic Gubernatorial Recall Primary”.The sentinel is partnering with WTMJ, Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio for the event. All four democratic candidates for governor have agreed to participate, so that includes Mayor Barrett, Kathleen Falk, Kathleen Vinehout and Doug La Follette. The theme of the debate is “citizen voice” and the candidates will also respond to questions from journalists on the panel. The debate will stream live from Madison and will broadcast on WTMJ tonight.

The Milwaukee Police Department has stopped its practice of holding morning press briefings – instead, they’re now using a newly created website that will provide quote “genuine, unfiltered information and correct the news stories that got it wrong while highlighting the ones that got it right.” It’s called “The Source” and it will include posts on crime stats, videos of crimes and info on current investigations. Police department officials say the website will give a more efficient outlet for news gathering and will provide a central source for both the public and the news media.

Tonight MSOE is hosting a groundbreaking ceremony for its new athletic field and parking complex, which will be at the northwest corner of Broadway and Knapp Street. The field will be constructed on top of an in-ground, 780-car parking facility. The field is an extension of the Kern Center and it will be used for college soccer, lacrosse and youth sports. The $30 million project is playing a key role within the Park East Corridor, as it’s the first major development of its kind there. Tonight’s ceremony starts at 5.